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Greitens served with Weinstein on Soros-backed NYC charity board

Before the Governor’s election to his current post, Gov. Eric Greitens was listed as an advisory board member to the organization Robin Hood, a George Soros-funded group seeking to combat poverty based in New York City.

Though calls to Robin Hood have not been returned to confirm the term of the Governor’s tenure on the board, Greitens was listed as a board member to the group as of September 2016. Greitens appears on the board beneath board of directors member Harvey Weinstein, a film producer alleged to have sexually assaulted or harassed at least 84 women. Neither Greitens or Weinstein are currently listed as board members to the organization.

Greitens was indicted Thursday afternoon by a Grand Jury for felony invasion of privacy, having allegedly taken a photo of his ex-mistress in 2015.

Friday morning, Missouri Republican Party Executive Director Sam Cooper said the Grand Jury indictment was a “political hit job” because of campaign money St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner had received.

“Kim Gardner has received more than $200,000 from George Soros groups,” Cooper said. “Missourians should see this for what it is, a political hit job.”

In 2009, George Soros pledged $50 million to the organization on top of millions more prior donations, dating back to at least 1997.

A 2009 Robin Hood event included Oprah and the Black Eyed Peas.

The Mission Continues’ 2013 Gala featured special guest Jon Stewart of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, who also served on the advisory board for the Robin Hood Foundation. Stewart hosted Greitens on his show in 2013.


A popular stock Getty Image of Greitens, right, used nationally features Greitens speaking at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York in front of a backdrop including the Robin Hood logo in 2012.