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House committee investigating former governor releases final report


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The House committee charged with finding the truth behind the allegations against Missouri’s now-former Governor has released its final report, ending the investigation in the legislature.

The Special Investigative Committee on Oversight on Monday released all of the transcripts from their meetings and relevant correspondences submitted to the committee. Also included was transcripts of statements then-Gov. Eric Greitens, the focus of the investigation, made.

In total, more than two thousand pages, with redactions, were publicly released. A majority of the documents in the final report were portions of the first two reports the court released and were part of public hearings.

The final report concluding the investigation can be found here. A transcript of the committees meetings can be found here. And a copy of relevant documents can be found here, documents that that committee received but did not used are closed record.

The committee halted its investigation at the end of May when Greitens resigned from office as part of a plea deal for the felony computer tampering charge to be dropped.

“When Eric Greitens resigned in May, the committee lost jurisdiction to investigate further. However, the Missouri Ethics Commission has the power to investigate and act,” said Rep. Jay Barnes, who chaired the committee. “I remain hopeful the commission will take appropriate action to enforce Missouri’s campaign finance laws against Eric Greitens and those with whom he conspired to evade reporting requirements and voter-enacted campaign finance limits.”