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In neck-in-neck race, Williams comes out on top


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — As the clock struck midnight and Tuesday officially ended, the primary race to replace term-limited Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal was too close to call. What started out as a three-way battle was narrowing down to a head-to-head between Sharon Pace and Brian Williams. Ultimately, Williams came out on top.

With 90 percent of the district’s ballots counted, Rep. Joe Adams, though leading in a few polls a month out, had only brought in 19 percent (4,701 votes) of the ballots cast. Pace and Williams were neck-and-neck with 41 percent (10,223 votes) and 39 percent (9,778 votes), respectively.

When all 111 precincts in the district had counted their ballots, Williams came out as the winner. Forty percent of the ballots (12,591 votes) were cast for the first-time candidate with Pace receiving 37 percent (11,753 votes) of the vote and Adams receiving 22 percent (6,973 votes) of the vote.

With Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis not submitting a petition to run as an independent after losing his court ballot to be on the ticket as a Democrat, there is no challenger for the seat on the November ballot.