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Kip Kendrick launches bid for Boone County presiding commissioner


Former state Rep. Kip Kendrick has launched a bid for Boone County presiding commissioner with a handful of endorsements right off the bat. 

Kendrick represented HD 45 in Columbia, where he served as the ranking minority member on the House Budget Committee, for several years before he joined Sen. Greg Razer as his chief of staff earlier this year. Kendrick was also the ranking minority member of the Special Committee on Government Oversight and served on the Ethics Committee. 

“During my six years in the Missouri House of Representatives, my primary focus was on the state’s budget,” Kendrick said, adding that he “wanted to ensure that Boone County’s interests were well represented.” 

“During that time, I built trusting and strong relationships with members of both political parties and inserted a sense of balance and fairness in helping to craft annual state budgets in which the needs of Boone County were favorably considered,” Kendrick said. 

On social media, Razer said, “Boone County is a special place and deserves the best leadership possible. They will get that by electing [Kendrick].”

Kendrick has been endorsed by state Auditor Nicole Galloway (a former Boone County treasurer), former Gov. Roger Wilson, and former state Rep. Stephen Webber. 

“Kip Kendrick is exactly the type of leader Boone Countians want as their presiding commissioner. His experience, demeanor, and willingness to work across the aisle have earned him bipartisan respect among his colleagues in Jefferson City and across the state,” Galloway, the lone Democratic statewide official, said. “As a leading voice in the budget committee, he knows how to craft a budget that is both fiscally responsible and responsive to the needs of Boone County families and businesses.” 

“Kip’s experience and relationships in Boone County and the Missouri Capitol will be invaluable as presiding commissioner,” Wilson said. “He’s fair, reasonable, and he listens. Kip is focused on outcomes, not party affiliations. Boone County is growing fast — we need his experience and his energy.”

Originally from Monroe City, Kendrick is an alumnus of Columbia College and holds a graduate degree in Education Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri. In 2015, the Columbia Business Times named him one to its “20 Under 40” list. 

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill, who has served in the position since 2011, announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election. Columbia resident Nick Knoth is also running for the seat