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Koster receives money from longtime Republican donors

ST. LOUIS – Attorney General Chris Koster garnered six-figure donations from three of St. Louis’ biggest donors Tuesday in his bid for governor.

Chairman and CEO of Harbour Industries Sam Fox, former Chancellor of Washington University William Danforth and corporate director of Boeing John McDonnell each donated $100,000 to the Democrat. The political fund of the United Automobile Workers based out of Detroit, MI also gave him $200,000 to give Koster a half-million dollar day.

Attorney General Chris Koster at the 2016 State of the State Address.
Attorney General Chris Koster at the 2016 State of the State Address.

The donation from Fox may turn the most heads as he had primarily given to Republican candidates and the Republican Party in the past. Fox donated to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth campaign committee that claimed John Kerry exaggerated or fabricated his war record in Vietnam. Fox has also served as the chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition in the past, and donated considerably to Mitt Romney’s bid for the presidency in 2012.

Danforth and McDonnell have also both donated to Republicans in the past, but both also donate significant sums of money to Democrats as well.

Embryonic stem cell research advocacy seems to bind the three men and hints as to why they selected Koster as their candidate of choice to be governor.

Both Danforth and McDonnell have also served as major donors to the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, a pro-embryonic stem cell research group. Fox has also donated to similar groups, including a $125,000 donation to Supporters of Health Research and Treatments in 2012, according to the STL Beacon.

Danforth also founded the Missouri Cures Education Foundation, which continues to advocate for stem cell research in Missouri.

Koster famously left the Republican Party in 2006 due to his disagreement with most Republicans on the issue of stem cell research, among others.