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Local businessman Jeff Parnell announces bid for state legislature seat


Local resident Jeff Parnell has announced his campaign for State Representative of the Christian County area. This district includes Ozark, Sparta, Chadwick, Oldfield, Garrison, and outlying areas of Nixa and Rogersville. Current Representative Morris will not be seeking reelection due to term limits.

Parnell resides in Garrison and has worked for over 30 years in the automotive and transportation industry. From employee to manager to business owner, Parnell is familiar with the different aspects of making a small business successful and learning to navigate government red tape. He hopes to curb burdensome regulation and see more opportunities for young people preparing for the workforce to learn the valuable skills and information needed to build successful futures.

“When I think of leadership, I don’t think of Washington D.C. elites or other career politicians. I think of our hardworking men and women here at home who strive to make an honest living while bringing benefits to our community. Small business owners, healthcare providers, veterans, and service members … these are the people I look to for examples in leadership, and my goal is to bring their voices to the table in the Missouri Capitol — not special interests.”

Running as a Republican, Parnell describes himself as a supporter of the core values of American democracy: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For him, this includes the protection of the unborn, ensuring quality education for our children, and protecting our personal right to privacy, among other initiatives.

“We do so much right here in Missouri, but we still have much room to improve. I will continue to fight against abortion until it is a distant memory of the past. I will defend your right to bear arms and speak freely without governmental repercussions, and I will fight for an education system that is designed to benefit students over bureaucracy. That is my promise as I run for this seat.”

Parnell is no stranger to the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Missouri families. However, he is confident that capitalism will best help correct the market and get people back to work. With a degree in business administration from Evangel University and decades of practical business experience, Parnell wants to ensure families come first during these turbulent times.

“Now more than ever it is imperative that we see fiscal responsibility in our state government. It would be a serious mistake to allow additional taxes to be saddled on Missourians as some Democrats would like to do. In fact, I believe now is the time for relief from the current over-taxation we see in place. Frivolous government spending must be stopped, and accountability restored.”

Parnell is also active in his community and has served as treasurer of the Webster County Republican Committee, a political columnist for the News-Leader, and a church deacon. In addition to this, he is noted for his musical and political satire creations and interest in American and military history. He and his wife, Nan, are the proud parents of two children and grandparents of three grandchildren.

Jeff Parnell has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.