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Missouri announces completion of the Missouri State Capitol renovation project

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Office of Administration announced today that the renovation and restoration of Missouri State Capitol has reached its completion. This marks the completion of the first major construction project for the building and brings the structure back to serviceable condition while also ensuring the historic structure is properly preserved for decades to come.

After more than 100 years of deterioration on the exterior and substructure of the historic Missouri State Capitol, bonds were approved to begin work on restoring the Capitol complex. The project, separated into two phases, started back in June 2015. Construction for Phase I of the Missouri State Capitol Construction Project started in March 2016 and wrapped up in 2017. The construction period of Phase II began in March 2018 and officially wrapped up in December 2020. Both phases were funded by the same bond.

Treanor Architects was the design consultant and C. Rallo was the general contractor for Phase I. Trivers was the design consultant and Bulley Andrews Masonary Restoration was the general contractor for Phase II. Phase I dealt with the infrastructure and water proofing while Phase II worked on the historic stone renovation.

All of this was done to help preserve and extend the life of the building as well as improve the overall appearance, structural stability and water shedding capacity. Lights were added and repaired to enhance the lighting of the drum and lantern of the Capitol. Steps were taken to make repairing the lights more convenient than it had been before. In addition to work on the building, restoration of the north plaza and Ceres were also completed during this project, with Ceres returning back to the Capitol a little over a year ago.

Due to safety concerns, there will not be a celebration at this time, though the Capitol Commission hopes in the future to have a commemoration and recognize everyone who played an important role in turning this project into a reality.

“It has been great having a front row seat during the historic restoration of our beautiful Missouri State Capitol,” commented Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe. “In 2014, I was pleased to support a bill brought by (then) Senator Mike Parson that was the catalyst in moving this important project forward. Thank you Governor Mike Parson, the Missouri State Legislature, members of the Missouri Capitol Commission and the Office of Administration team for bringing this unique building, and its grounds, back to life – and in time for our state’s Bicentennial celebrations. It’s our turn to make sure we preserve the people’s building for another 100 years.”

“Since day one this was a team project, and I want to thank our incredible state team members and contract staff for their collective effort in restoring the Missouri State Capitol. This was an ambitious project, and it could not have been feasible without such important and talented crew,” said Office of Administration Commissioner Sarah Steelman. “I am proud of our team, and am excited for people to get to see it fully restored and anew for generations to come.”

“Since this project to restore the Missouri Capitol was first implemented, I have been proud of the collaborative effort across Missouri government to see this completed. The renovation of this building was a highly strenuous undertaking, and is one that could not have been possible without our incredibly talented state workers and contractors who worked on this project. Everyone involved should be proud of what they’ve accomplished,” said Patrick Baker, Chair of the Missouri State Capitol Commission and Administrator of the Missouri Senate. “With the completion of this project, we ensure that this important symbol of democracy is preserved for the next generations to enjoy.”

In addition to the completion of the Missouri State Capitol, the south circle drive, which had been previously closed, will be open starting Saturday, January 30, 2021. The media lot will also be open and there will be additional parking for veterans and expectant mothers.

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