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Missouri Chamber endorses Greitens

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Chamber Political Action Committee endorsed Eric Greitens for governor Friday.

The chamber lauded Greitens as a “uniquely-qualified leader” who can help improve Missouri’s business climate.

“Having gotten to know Eric Greitens in recent years, I can attest to his unquestionable leadership ability and commitment to service. Missouri voters have the opportunity to elect a high-quality individual with immense potential to inspire positive improvements in our state,” said Daniel Mehan, president and CEO of the chamber.

Mehan also praised Greitens’ business policy and vision for business in the state.

“Even more relevant to this endorsement are Eric Greitens’ pro-business policy positions and his understanding of the many issues facing Missouri companies and entrepreneurs,” he said. “He supports the business community’s top initiatives as defined in the Missouri 2030 strategic plan. With Eric Greitens as governor, Missouri would be poised for rapid progress on several long-needed, pro-expansion policy priorities.”

Contrasting Greitens to current Gov. Jay Nixon, the chamber pointed out that Greitens would sign tort and labor reforms championed by the committee. They specifically mentioned right-to-work.

“Missouri can’t afford to let pro-jobs policy be derailed by our governor. We need our next governor to work with employers, not against them,” Mehan said. “We are fortunate that Eric Greitens wants to dedicate his energy and intellect toward improving our state as governor. I urge Missouri voters to give him that chance.”

Greitens welcomed the endorsement as a sign that his leadership is needed for the state’s business community.

“I’m honored to have the support of small business owners and job creators across Missouri,” he said. “They know our state is in crisis, and we need to go in a new direction after the failures of career politicians like Chris Koster. As governor, I’ll focus every day on creating and protecting good paying jobs.”

Greitens’ opponent, Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster, has picked up endorsements from groups like the Missouri Farm Bureau, the Missouri Soybean Association, the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and the Missouri Corn Growers Association. But Koster seemed unlikely to win the Chamber endorsement with their focus on labor reform. Koster’s been a labor champion and has received significant campaign contributions from labor groups.