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Press Release: Veteran & businesswoman Melissa Chevalier declares candidacy for Missouri House

Conservative U.S. Army veteran and local business owner Melissa Chevalier has announced her bid for state representative in mid-north Missouri, with district territory stretching from Lake Lafayette to the Missouri River. With current State Representative Kurtis Gregory running for state senate, the seat will be open. Chevalier is running as a Republican in the August 2024 primary.

“I am excited to bring a business mindset to the Missouri Capitol,” stated Chevalier. “We need more of our elected officials to recognize that government works best for people when you run it like a business. Efficiency is one of my core strengths that I learned in the Army, and that’s what I will bring to the legislature.”

Before launching herself into the business world, Chevalier served in the United States Army as a Patriot Missile specialist. Now, Chevalier is the founder of Summerland Flats Inn, co-owner of Central Missouri Wildlife, and the creator and director of the Central Missouri Loop, which promotes the economies of eleven small towns in mid-Missouri through awareness campaigns and tourism event planning. She is also the Director of Festivals for her hometown of Blackwater, Missouri, and is an active owner of her family’s farm. A veteran, wife, and mother of two children, she brings an often under-represented view to the political scene.

“Oftentimes, fellow moms will say to me that they wish the government would do things differently, but they don’t believe they have the time to get involved directly; I get it—campaigning is tough and time consuming—but, I believe we need more moms to get involved in the political process. When we put our minds to something, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!”

The problems that Chevalier has highlighted include attacks on constitutional rights and the erosion of the rural way of life. Likewise, she hopes to see improvements in the fields of education, taxation, and the justice system. Chevalier is staunchly pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. If elected, Chevalier would bring her degrees in computer information systems and psychology to the Capitol, alongside her proven skills in communication, budget planning, and leadership.

“My goal is to push back on the radical obsession with curtailing our rights in the name of ‘safety.’ I believe that the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when ensuring our freedoms would be protected from those more interested in power than our constitutional republic. I will continue to be an advocate for lower taxes, just as I am in the private sector, and will make efforts to protect our family farms and businesses. I will fight for freedom just as I did during my time in the military; my oath to protect the Constitution is lifelong.”

Melissa Chevalier has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on her campaign.