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Randy Pietzman drops out of State Senate race for District 10

Jefferson City, Mo — Former Rep. Randy Pietzman has dropped out of the state Senate race for Senate District 10. There has been no comment made from him or his team so far as to why Pietzman has decided to drop out.

The race for District 10 still has four remaining candidates, Wentzville Judge Mike Carter, Reps. Ryan Fitzwater and Jeff Porter, along with former Rep. Bryan Spencer. Spencer has reported the most cash on hand from the quarterly report back in April with $148,772.00, while Fitzwater reported $103,595.00, and Porter reported $24,289.00.

However, Carter made a $500,000 contribution to his campaign April 13th giving him the fundraising lead, and is already airing radio ads throughout the east-central Missouri district.

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