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Republican Rep. Peggy McGaugh seeks re-election in Northwest Missouri

Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) will be running to retain her seat in the Missouri House year. With no primary challenger, she will appear on the General Election ballot in November.

Due to redistricting, the new district includes all of Carroll, Livingston, and Linn Counties as well as Northeast Ray County. McGaugh filed for office in February, alongside fellow State Representative Rusty Black. Since that time, Rep. Black opted to run in the new 12th Senate District, spanning across the entire Northwest corner of the state.

“Rusty and I have always been good friends. The idea that the new maps placed us in the same district was not ideal, but it all worked out for the best,” said McGaugh.

McGaugh was elected in 2018 to replace her son, Judge Joe Don McGaugh (R-Carrollton), in a special election. The previous district included the counties of Ray, Carroll and Chariton.

“This new district covers a bit more territory, but I can tell you the voters are all pretty much in sync when it comes to wanting to keep big government out of our lives and reflect our Missouri values on gun and abortion,” said McGaugh.

McGaugh served as a Carroll County’s clerk for decades and is a leader on policy as it relates to secure elections. “The reason we don’t see rampant voter fraud in this state is due to the fact that we have state laws that help prevent it, and local election authorities that work hard to ensure our elections are safe from corruption.”

Prior to serving in the legislature, McGaugh served as the treasurer of the Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities. Previously, she was the president of the Missouri Association of Counties and served as the vice president of the Missouri Public Entities Labor Relations Association.

Peggy resides in Carrollton with her husband of more than 40 years, David. Together they own and operate the McGaugh Family Show Calves with their son, Joe Don, his wife, Kassie, and granddaughters Nora Kate, Vivian, and Gemma. Jocelyn and Eric, Peggy and David’s daughter and son-in-law, also live in Missouri at Kansas City. When not on the farm, Peggy and David enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren and exhibiting their livestock throughout the region.