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Rizzo buys big in Kansas City TV markets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Rep. John Rizzo, D-Kansas City, has invested heavily in television advertising as he looks to win an Aug. 2 primary against Jessica Podhola for the 11th Senate District.


Rizzo’s campaign has placed $84,000 worth of orders with the four major Kansas City television stations, according to documents the stations are required to file with the Federal Communications Commission.

Rizzo’s first ad focuses on his family, a theme he wants to emphasize.

“I think the ad gives the voters a good look at who I am as a person and what I’d focus on as a senator,” Rizzo said.

The buy will put Rizzo on the air, mostly during local newscasts, but also during some daytime and late night programming like Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The advertising slate will begin next week.

Rizzo’s ad buy is a significant investment for a state Senate primary. He’s one of only two state Senate candidates to buy time in Kansas City. Sen. Ed Emery’s opponent, Bill Yarberry, is spending less than $5,000 according to filed documents.

As of documents filed Monday morning, Podhola had not yet bought air time.