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Roy Blunt praised by Trump after Senate announcement

Former President Donald Trump offered up his praise of U.S. Senator Roy Blunt after the Missouri lawmaker announced he would not run for re-election in 2022. 

“I very much appreciate and respect the career of Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri,” Trump said in an emailed statement. “He was one of the first people who came to my defense against the Impeachment Hoax #2 (IH-2), and it was greatly appreciated by me. Congratulations to the entire Blunt family, and to Roy on a wonderful career!” 

Blunt, 71, announced on Monday that he would not seek re-election in 2022 for the seat he’s held for more than a decade. 

“After 14 general election victories, three to county office, seven to the United States House of Representatives, and four statewide elections, I won’t be a candidate for re-election to the United States Senate next year,” Blunt said. “I want to thank my family and thank the great team that came together to help me work for you. Most importantly, thanks to Missourians, whether you voted for me or not.”

A Republican, Blunt chaired the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies which handled the festivities for President Joe Biden’s inauguration at the U.S. Capitol earlier this year. And while some Republicans, including junior Senator Josh Hawley, objected to the counting of electoral votes following Biden’s victory, Blunt did not

“I expect there to be a vigorous debate regarding any state where the electors are challenged by at least one House member and one senator,” he said at the time. “As one of the four members of Congress required to participate in the joint session, I will not be joining any objection.” 

But Blunt twice voted to acquit Trump after he was impeached. 

“We don’t want partisan impeachment to become an exercise that happens when one party, not the party of the president, happens to have a majority of the votes in the House of Representatives,” Blunt said in February, the second time Trump was impeached.