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Soybean association endorses Koster

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Soybean Association endorsed Attorney General Chris Koster in the race for governor Thursday morning.

They are the third key agriculture group to endorse Koster in the race. The Missouri Farm Bureau and the Missouri Corn Growers Association have also endorsed Koster.


“Chris has shown he understands agriculture and what it takes to grow the industry. He has been a great partner for Missouri soybean growers and has been committed to prioritize agriculture as our governor,” said Matthew McCrate, president of the soybean association board.

While agriculture groups traditionally endorse Republican candidates for governor, three of the biggest have now endorsed Koster as he tries to make gains in rural Missouri. Rather than go after the state through social issues, Koster’s endorsements have come from groups focused on pocket book issues.

“I think it highlights the experience in agriculture needed to lead this state forward,” Koster said about the endorsements. “My belief is that the agriculture community is increasingly speaking with a single voice that agriculture, the state’s number one industry, is simply too important to place it in the hands of a beginner.”

Koster’s Record of Supporting Agriculture

Ronnie Russell, who served on the board’s policy committee, said Koster’s record on some key agriculture issues helped seal the endorsement.

That included Koster’s fight against the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waters of the United States plan. Russell also cited Koster’s support of biodiesel and the Right to Farm amendment in 2014.

“We especially appreciate his support for the renewable fuel standards and for biodiesels,” he said.

Koster said he was proud to receive the Missouri Soybean Association’s support.

“My goal, as your goal is, is to make agriculture the front and center piece of economic development that it stands as as Missouri’s number one industry, restoring the strongest possible connection between agriculture and the next administration,” he said.

Koster also called for a renewal of efforts to open international trade offices in places like Mexico and Cuba.

He also said the office of economic development under a Koster administration would be more focused on helping agriculture. He questioned why other industries in the state were getting tax credits and other assistance.

The support for Koster from the agriculture community could be on display this week. The Missouri State Fair kicks off in Sedalia on Thursday evening.