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Missouri launches resource and benefits portal for veterans, service members 


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A new online tool from the Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC) will allow veterans and service members in the Show-Me State to find resources and potential benefits. 

The Missouri Benefits and Resource Portal, launched in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development (DED) Office of the Missouri Military Advocate, provides veterans and military members with an online tool to guide them to resources and potential benefits. 

“The Missouri Benefits and Resource Portal is a great step toward helping military members and their families learn about the assistance available to them in their own backyard,” said MVC Executive Director Paul Kirchhoff. “We expect the site will continue to evolve and become more interactive, and we look forward to continued collaboration with the DED team in the future.”

The site compiles mental health, transportation, education, and financial programs, among others. Programs offer assistance with careers and businesses, homelessness, and health care. Missouri Military Advocate Joe Driskill said the partnership was a way to ensure the state’s veterans and their families had access to what the commission and department have to offer. 

“Missouri is a great place to live for service members, military families, and veterans,” Driskill said. “The state has a lot to offer in terms of military and veteran benefits and resources, and we want to make it easier to find this important information. We were glad to have the opportunity to work with the MVC on the web portal and look forward to promoting it throughout Missouri.”

A research project on the quality of life of veterans conducted at the University of Central Missouri culminated in a report that recommended the comprehensive website as a way to assist veterans and their families. The site will be continually updated as new programs and resources become available, according to the commission.  

MVC manages five state veterans cemeteries, seven veterans homes, and the Veterans Service Program.