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Tracy McCreery nabs key union organization endorsement in Senate bid

The Missouri Teamsters union has backed Rep. Tracy McCreery in her bid to represent what is now SD 24

McCreery, a Democrat from Olivette, is currently running unopposed to serve the St. Louis County district now held by the term-limited Sen. Jill Schupp.

“I have support and understanding of working families in my DNA, and I believe this endorsement and having the Teamsters by my side in this campaign will make a difference,” McCreery told The Missouri Times.

“Rep. McCreery is a champion for working families,” said Sen. Lauren Arthur, a legacy Teamster. “She’s seen firsthand labor’s impact on building up the middle class. The Teamsters will have a fighter in the Senate in Tracy McCreery — and their endorsement ensures she’s the candidate who can’t be beat.”

McCreery was first elected to HD 83 as an independent in 2011 and has represented HD 88 since 2015.

“As the daughter and granddaughter of Teamsters, Tracy McCreery will stand up for working families and the middle class,” Union President Larry Tinker said in a statement.

Previously, McCreery served as an aide to former Sen. Joan Bray and former Gov. Bob Holden. 

Holden and Schupp have both endorsed her.

“Tracy McCreery was one of the hardest working, most thoughtful, public policy advocates on my staff,” Holden said previously. “She always would look at all sides of an issue while still focusing on what was best for working families.” 

McCreery has also held sales, sales training and management positions in the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and health care industries.