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Corsi drawing salary from two state agencies


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — In a unique situation, in appears that the director of one state agency is being paid through two different agencies and the total sum exceeds the set salary range for his position.

As Director of the Missouri Department of Social Services, Steve Corsi receives a salary of $128,244 a year, according to information the social services department submitted to the House Budget Committee. This salary falls within the range set by state Personnel Advisory Board. Under the most recent executive pay plan published on the Office of Administration website, annual pay for an Executive I position ranges from a minimum of $88,212 to a maximum of $128,244.

The issue that arises is that according to the Missouri Accountability Portal, Corsi is paid an additional $13,756 through the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services. That brings his total annual salary to $142,000. As a result of the additional compensation, it appears Corsi’s total annual salary beyond what is permissible for a Department of Social Services director under state law.

The salary discrepancy was brought up Tuesday morning during a House Budget Committee hearing. Rep. Deb Lavender inquired why the additional salary was not part of the DHSS budget.

“I was under the impression that the additional $14,000 in my salary was reflected in the Department of Health and Senior Services budget,” Corsi told the committee. “We absolutely do want to be as transparent as possible.”

“The Greitens administration once again demonstrates its disdain for both Missouri law and transparent government,” said House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City. “Not only is Director Corsi being paid more than the law allows, the administration tried to hide the fact by funneling the excess salary through another state department. If the compensation permitted by law isn’t sufficient for Director Corsi, he should seek employment elsewhere.”

It was pointed out that the arrangement could violate another statute that states: “Compensation for the director and employees of the department of social services and funds for other expenses incident to the performance of their duties prescribed by authority of this and other laws shall be payable from appropriations made in the same manner as for other departments.”