Judicial review committee to announce findings on judges up for retention elections


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The state committee that evaluates the performance of judges in Missouri is set to release their findings relating to those who are on the November ballot.  

The Missouri Judicial Performance Review Committee — which is composed of citizens including non-lawyers, lawyers, and retired judges — has reviewed the performance of 59 judges who will be standing in retention elections in November.

The committee’s chair, Dale Doerhoff, will announce the committee’s findings on whether each judge substantially overall meets judicial performance standards at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, September 24, in Jefferson City.

The state chair will discuss how the reviews were conducted, why this extensive review process was adopted and how the information is available to the public to assist them in casting informed ballots in the Nov. 6 election. Missouri voters will have at least three judges appear in retention elections on their ballot this November.

In addition to the committee’s findings, the results of the surveys of lawyers’ ratings of each judge and jurors’ ratings of trial judges will be made available online at www.YourMissouriJudges.org that same day.