Association Profile: Missouri Family Policy Council


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – The three main principles that bring together the Missouri Family Policy Council is the right to life, freedom of religion and traditional family values.  These three issues are the ties that bind this non-profit, non-partisan organization that states on its website it is “dedicated to promoting Biblical principles in our government and Judeo-Christian values in our culture that support and strengthen the traditional family”.Joe Ortwerth

Joe Ortwerth is the acting executive director for the MFPC, Ortwerth was involved with some of the Christian leaders in the area that were responsible for establishing the movement.

“My involvement with this organization is a continuation of many of the public policy themes that have marked my career in public service,” Ortwerth told the Missouri Times.

Ortwerth has served the state of Missouri for 24 years in on facet of public service or another including being a member of the Missouri House of Representatives for 11 years and being the county executive of St. Charles for 11 years as well.

Now Ortwerth spends his time promoting the family and Christian values the MFPC perpetuates.

“It is valuable for elected officials to call on the lords wisdom..  to guide the future direction of the state,” Ortwerth said.

Ortwerth feels the MFPC is “highly effective” in its ability to reach officials.

“We work very much on just developing one on one relationships with the general assembly.. we have a limited budget, we are a non profit organization,” he explained.

More than work with legislators to promote good family values in the state, the MFPC also works to inform the public

“We work with a network of citizens around the state to keep them informed on the issues, we are not an organization that is focused on self promotion,” he said.

One piece of legislation that was important to the MFPC that it be passed was the Prayer Amendment that was added to the Missouri constitution in 2012.

“Well I’ll say the passage of the prayer amendment, the evening that Missouri voters passed that amendment was very satisfying,” Ortwerth said.

The Missouri Family Policy council likes to mainly keep to its three main issues right to life, freedom of religion, and traditional family values

“If you get your finger into to many pies you have a hard time seeing that one gets completely baked,” Ortwerth said.

The MFPC is not alone in its actions although they are directly or actively working partners, the organization does associate itself with the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on Family.

Ortwerth was most recently in the capitol to support HB 513 which would have the Missouri constitution recognize parents of children and their paternal rights “while most citizens regardless of their liberal or conservative persuasion, believe that parents should be able to raise their kids under their own beliefs …  not found anywhere in either constitution” said Ortwerth.