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Army veteran, local pastor Brian Seitz to run for state representative in Taney County

Brian Seitz, a former army paratrooper and local pastor, has announced his candidacy for State Representative of House District 156. Incumbent Jeffery Justus is term-limited. The district is located within Taney County and includes the cities of Branson and Hollister.

“I want to thank Rep. Justus for his years of service to our district and congratulate him on a job well done. We are blessed to have had strong Republican leadership representing our county, and I pledge to continue this trend. Promoting the conservative values of our community will be my chief priority as the next state representative.”

Brian Seitz currently serves as pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Branson and is a local business manager at Splash Car Wash. He was also the owner and editor of Music County News, a local entertainment magazine, for 14 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations from Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University) in Springfield. Seitz believes his various career experiences will equip him well as a state representative.

“As a pastor, two of my responsibilities are leadership and listening. I think having years of practice in these areas is exactly what we need to see more of in Jefferson City. There’s a lot of talking that goes on, but not always a lot of listening. I also plan on using my business knowledge to ensure the government uses taxpayer funds wisely and efficiently, so we can keep taxes low.”

A list of legislative priorities for Seitz includes workforce development, keeping Missouri pro-life, enhancing educational opportunities for all students, defending religious liberty, and upholding the right to bear arms. Additionally, he proudly supports law enforcement and emphasizes his high respect for firefighters, first responders, and military families.

“Our freedoms are under attack in this country. I believe the Bill of Rights is not just a suggestion of the Founding Fathers — it’s an inheritance for all Americans. We must fight to protect what is rightfully ours. I will do this every single day that I serve as state representative.”

Seitz is headed toward his 32nd wedding anniversary and is a proud father of three. His main goal is to leave a bright future for his children and future generations. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and collecting classic comics, following sports, and exploring the wonders of God’s creation.

Brian Seitz has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.