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Eight senators likely to return in January

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – While several senate districts have general elections ahead, eight senators up for re-election this year without competition this November.

Those eight senators, four Democrats and four Republicans, can be all but assured of finding themselves back in the chamber in January.

Republican Sens. Gary Romine, David Sater and Mike Cunningham had no primary opponent and will not be challenged in November. Cass County Republican Ed Emery beat his Republican primary opponent Tuesday and faces Libertarian opposition later this year.

Democrats Kiki Curls and Gina Walsh faced neither a primary nor general election opponent this year. Kansas City Sen. Jason Holsman did not have a primary opponent, but will face a Libertarian in his heavily-Democratic district in November. Sen. Jamilah Nasheed beat her primary opponent and also faces a Libertarian in November.

Including senators not up for re-election this year, Republicans will likely return with 18 seats in the 2017 Senate. Democrats have six safe or returning seats.