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Opinion: Senator Sanders shares our Missouri values


We cannot for much longer continue to polish the brass on the Titanic while it is sinking. We need new ideas and new energy to right our ship of state. As we approach the Missouri Presidential Primary on March 10th, we need to elect a Democratic candidate who strongly represents the values of Missourians and who will forcefully fight for us. This is why I’m supporting Senator Bernie Sanders for President. 

Missouri voters have been forward-thinking in their choices. In 2018, Missourians voted to repeal the so-called right to work, raise the minimum wage, legalize medical marijuana, and get the big money out of the political system. Now it’s time to elect a President of the United States who shares these Missouri values and will bring the stubborn dedication of the Missouri mule to enacting them across the country. Quite simply, I support Senator Sanders because he supports us. 

St. Louis Alderwoman Megan Green (PROVIDED).

Senator Sanders will federally eliminate the so-called Right to Work Laws and double union membership.

He will raise the federal minimum wage to $15 to ensure that no person who works 40 hours per week will struggle paycheck to paycheck.

He will legalize marijuana, expunge all past marijuana convictions, and invest revenue from legalization into communities that have been disproportionately hurt by the War on Drugs.

And he will pass a Constitutional Amendment to reverse Citizens United to make clear that money is not speech and corporations are not people. 

In addition to electing a President who shares our values, we must also elect one who fights for a better future for Missouri.  

When we have 350,000 Missourians without health insurance, substandard access to infant and maternal healthcare, and a Republican General Assembly who refuses to expand Medicaid, this means we need a Medicare-for-All health care plan to ensure that never again does a Missourian die or go bankrupt because of lack of access to healthcare. 

When Missouri has lost 91,000 manufacturing jobs due to disastrous trade agreements made to enhance corporate profits at the expense of workers, this means we need to rewrite our trade agreements to prevent the outsourcing of American jobs, raise wages, and provide protections for our environment. 

When we have factory farms polluting our environment and hurting family farms, incessant flooding, and unacceptably high child asthma rates, we need a Green New Deal that creates 20 million jobs while helping us to advert a climate catastrophe. 

When our last remaining abortion clinic is threatened with closure, we need to repeal the Hyde Amendment and codify Roe v. Wade to ensure the availability of access to safe and legal abortion. 

And how do I know that Senator Sanders will fight to make all of these plans a reality? Because he’s been consistently fighting these battles since before I was born.  

There is only one Democratic Presidential candidate who consistently opposes disastrous trade deals like NAFTA, fights for healthcare as a human right, stands on the side of our environment rather than with polluters, and unequivocally supports abortion rights, and always has. That person is Senator Bernie Sanders.  

Our challenges are not small and our solutions cannot be either. Let’s elect him on March 10th so he can fight for us.