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Rep. Simmons commits to protect life

“Now more than ever, the Republican Party needs courageous pro-life champions, and Representative John Simmons is certainly among them,” said Ed Martin, president of the Republican National Coalition for Life.

“The Republican National Coalition for Life conducted a survey of all Republican legislators in the state to determine which would be willing to sign our pro-life pledge. Representative Simmons is among Missouri’s pro-life legislators who pledged to end the business of providing abortions in the state when Roe v. Wade is reversed.”

The RNC Life pledge reads as follows:

“I, John Simmons, pledge to the citizens of the state of Missouri that, upon the reversal of Roe v. Wade or subsequent decisions by the Supreme Court relating to abortion, I will immediately and proudly support legislation to prohibit providing abortion services within my state.”

Beginning in the 1980s under the pro-life leadership of President Ronald Reagan and Phyllis Schlafly, the Republican Party became the pro-life party. Schlafly introduced the first pro-life plank to the Republican Party Platform, which has only been strengthened since that time. When liberal pro-abortion Republicans of the early 1990s sought to change the platform, Schlafly founded the Republican National Coalition for Life to keep the Republican Party pro-life.

Martin concluded: “Many Republicans claim to be pro-life, but aren’t willing to put their name on the line when it counts most. As our nation enters the most promising legislative climate for pro-life action in half a century, I am proud that Representative John Simmons has the courage to protect the unique intrinsic value of every human life.”