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100+ List: Part 6


We have compiled our 2015 list of the 100+ people in the Missouri public policy process you need to know. A few changes have been made this year – media and legislative staff are not included, unless they were engaged as a campaign consultant as well.

By no means is this the complete list, and the names are in no particular order, but it would be a good start for someone beginning their career in Missouri politics of the people to get to know.

Also this year, instead of a website, we included each person’s twitter handle.

Lastly, thanks to our readers who helped us compile this year’s list – enjoy and please don’t hesitate to tell us who we missed at @MissouriTimes.


Part 6

andy arnoldAndy Arnold | Lobbyist


Andy Arnold is the definition of an old school lobbyist who uses shoe leather and relationships to get results for his client list. He has a practice that extends from police groups to education to his signature work killing any increase in taxes on cigarettes for newer brands.


craig unruhCraig Unruh | Regional Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, AT&T


Unruh is a lobbyist that produces results for his client. He has proven adept at building coalitions and managing other lobbying teams to promote and sometimes protect AT&T in one of the sectors most regulated by state government and most at-risk for future changes in regulations. His is one of the more complicated jobs in the state, but he makes it look easy.


dave berryDave Berry | Director of Communications, Gate Way Group


He has become a key member of one of the fastest growing lobbying firms in the state. Berry is all over the state working with Gate Way’s expanding client list. Berry is a lobbyist that will register for as many clients as anyone in the coming sessions.


dave hagemanDave Hageman | President, Victory Enterprises


A veteran of running HRCC, he has built Victory Enterprises into a firm that is involved in nearly every race in the state where there is a Republican on the ballot. Hageman has proven to not only be a top flight consultant, but a top notch businessman as well. Hageman is also a key figure in the Protect the Harvest association that is building steam as a grass roots movement.


Joe LakinJoe Lakin | Digital and Public Relations Director, Victory Enterprises


Lakin comes to consulting after serving in the House with most every legislative leader in office today. Lakin combines his skills running political campaigns with his public relations abilities to communicate his clients messages both to the media and to a conservative Republican caucus in both the House and Senate. As Victory Enterprises grows in corporate consulting, 2016 will be a marquee year as Victory is involved in nearly every race on the ballot.


Mike LodewagenMike Lodewagen | Director of Legislative Advocacy, Missouri Council of School Administrators


The administrators have always been the tip of the spear of education lobbying, and Lodewagen has been in the heat of the battle nearly every session since joining the organization. A veteran of Engler’s office, he has been the winner when the dust settled in nearly every session.


sarah martinSarah Martin | Consultant, Gateway Government Relations


Martin has a two front approach of assisting in campaigns and lobbying in the capitol on issues from energy to trial attorney issues. She is someone who worked in the capitol and has experience in how to use the process to both make laws and stop them.


scott penmanD. Scott Penman | Partner, Penman and Winton


A principal at the firm which bears his name, he has more experience in Jefferson City than any elected official outside of the governor. He has built a wide array of clients in his over 20 years in the capitol, and today, alongside his partner David Winton, represents clients in the healthcare, technology, telecommunications and many other fields. Penman and Winton has also built an impressive business in association management with a growing client list in that field as well.


tim greenTim Green | Governmental Affairs, IBEW/NECA Electrical Connection


The former senator may have left elected office, but certainly hasn’t left government. Since leaving the senate, where he fought for union workers and union contractors, he joined the advocacy corps continuing fighting for the same, in the relationship-building, bipartisan manner in which he served in the senate.


titus bondTitus Bond | Director of Polling, Remington Research Group


Bursting onto the scene in the last cycle and a part of the Jeff Roe political empire, Remington has quickly built a reputation for mastering the IVR technology. Their polls are featured and studied by political professionals and the press all over the state and nation, and Bond runs the shop with proficiency.


todd abrajanoTodd Abrajano | President, Turning Point Public Affairs


He is overseeing several projects at any one time, but be it through the Club for Growth, the Bev Randles’ campaign, or any of the other projects he handles through Turning Point, most campaigns work hard just to get on his radar. There is no doubt he is a person to know in Missouri politics.


trent watsonTrent Watson | Lobbyist


Watson has one of the most diverse resumes of anyone in Jefferson City. He has worked in politics, business group lobbying, as a senate chief of staff, policy director, an associate lobbyist and now owns his own shop. Watson knows every nook and cranny in Missouri government and has a very loyal following of clients.


woody cozadWoody Cozad | Principal, Cozad Company

Cozad has been around Missouri politics longer than many staffers have been alive and continues to be a force in anti-tax Republican politics in Kansas City while having a firm reputation as a respected lobbyist in the Capitol. He is always taken seriously and has solid relationships across the country, which are enhanced by his associate, Ward Cook. For the heartbeat of Kansas City and a reasonable state outlook, check in with Woody.