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Axiom Strategies launches Fundraising Inc. for GOP clients

Missouri-based Axiom Strategies has launched a new full-service fundraising firm for Republican clients. 

Fundraising Inc. is designed as a “one-stop-shop” for fundraising products and services to help GOP clients better compete with Democrats in small-donor fundraising, the company announced in a news release Monday. 

“Fundraising Inc.’s unique business model and multi-channel approach to campaign fundraising represents the future of our industry,” Alexandra Kendrick, Fundraising Inc.’s president, said in a statement. “Not only do we provide an immediate solution for candidates needing to diversify beyond PAC fundraising in the aftermath of corporations’ response to January 6, but we are providing a path for Republicans to better compete with Democrats for small dollar donations over the long term.” 

“All too often, clients are spending significant time managing multiple fundraising vendors rather than talking to voters. Our team of professional fundraisers consolidates all these services and tracks results to ensure the most competitive market rates and the best ROI for each of our candidates,” Kendrick said. “In today’s increasingly competitive political climate, we believe that our streamlined approach to campaign fundraising is the most effective way to generate well-funded campaigns that position our clients to win.” 

Fundraising Inc. will develop unique models for candidates based on their needs and utilize email, phone, text, and direct mail strategies. 

In addition to this new fundraising arm, Axiom also provides general consulting, direct mail, grassroots management, media buying, public affairs, digital marketing, advertising, polling, and campaign compliance services. It elected its 100th member of Congress to office during the last campaign cycle.