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Crowell appointment to MHDC withdrawn


The appointment of the new vice chairman of the Missouri Housing Development Commission has been withdrawn by the Governor.

Jason Crowell, appointed in early September, was elected vice chairman of the commission at his second meeting. He proposed the “Crowell Plan” to the MHDC Qualified Allocation Plan for 2019 that canceled the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC). Crowell dubbed the program as wasteful. His QAP was passed by the commission 8-2.

Crowell also served on the Governor’s Committee on Simple, Fair, and Low Taxes and served as the majority floor leader in the Missouri House of Representatives before serving two terms in the Missouri Senate. He is an attorney and member of the Cape Girardeau law firm Osburn Hine & Yates, LLC.

Legislative members have been told Crowell will not be re-appointed during this session.