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HRCC announces transition

House Majority Leader Representative Jon Patterson, Kansas City, announced today longtime HRCC advisor Jonathan Ratliff will be transitioning from his role as Executive Director to a senior consultant.

In a letter to caucus members, Patterson outlined changes in the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC). Patterson’s first change was to transition Ratliff into a consulting role and replace him with an Executive Director who exclusively serves HRCC.

Patterson stated, “Jonathan was hired as Executive Director and was allowed under his contract to run outside campaigns. We determined moving forward we wanted an Executive Director to be a full-time position with their complete focus on House elections. Due to prior commitments Jonathan agreed to move into a senior position to advise House Leadership and the HRCC with his expertise moving forward.” Patterson further stated, “Jonathan has been an excellent advisor and tireless advocate for the House’s interest and its members.”

Ratliff has been an advisor to HRCC for 14 years. During his leadership at HRCC Ratliff has raised over $20 million and brought in 569 Republican victories. He raised record-breaking amounts of money for HRCC in multiple cycles and is credited with Republicans having a record supermajority of 118 seats out of 163; including seats not held by Republicans since the Civil War.

Speaker of the House Dean Plocher noted Ratliff has advised numerous Speakers successfully, recruited hundreds of candidates, and his work ethic is second to none. “I am grateful for what Jonathan has accomplished for HRCC in preserving a supermajority.

We have a big cycle ahead of us, and now have big shoes to fill. The challenges will be numerous. I am glad to see Jonathan will be able to continue to work as a senior advisor to Leadership and HRCC ”

Patterson expects to have a new full-time Executive Director in place in the near future to ensure success in the upcoming fall elections in 2024.