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Eric Schmitt announces campaign for Missouri attorney general


New video spotlights Missouri’s law-and-order attorney general

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Eric Schmitt today announced his candidacy for Missouri Attorney General with a new video spotlighting his work representing six million Missourians as our state’s chief legal officer.

“As Missouri’s attorney general, my job is to stand on the frontline of freedom and be the last line of defense,” Schmitt said.  “As the lawyer for six million Missourians, I am guided by a commitment to the rule of law and ensuring everyone is treated equally under the law.  I promised to be Missouri’s law-and-order attorney general and together we have achieved some remarkable results to protect and defend the citizens of our state.  We have much more work to do to defend the rule of law in Missouri and that’s why I am asking Missourians to support me as their attorney general.”

Attorney General Schmitt has spearheaded new initiatives in the attorney general’s office to remove violent criminals from our streets and put them behind bars.

“In a time when grandparents are being terrorized in their neighborhoods, and mothers and fathers are losing their children to violent acts, we have taken direct action against violent criminals to remove them from our neighborhoods,” said Schmitt.  “We created the SAFER Streets initiative, a first-of-its-kind partnership with law enforcement that has secured over 100 indictments of violent criminals in St. Louis and Kansas City.  Earlier this year, I personally prosecuted a murder case in the City of St. Louis showing my commitment to law and order, and the jury returned a guilty verdict of murder in the first-degree.”

As Missouri’s advocate, Attorney General Eric Schmitt is helping achieve justice for survivors of sexual assault, taking on big opioid manufacturers, cracking down on human trafficking, holding big tech accountable and much more.

“We created the SAFE Kits initiative to end the backlog of untested sexual assault kits that have gone untested. We took on big drug manufacturers to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic. We have partnered with the FBI to take on human trafficking in our state.  We are enforcing the law I passed in the State Senate against local municipalities who employ traffic ticket quota schemes. And we are holding big tech accountable with a multi-state initiative to investigate Google and Facebook.”

Earlier this year, in support of President Trump and our Constitution, Attorney General Schmitt teamed with 20 attorneys general in sharing with U.S. Senators their grave constitutional concerns about the drive to weaponize the impeachment process.

“Impeachment should never be used as a political weapon or as a response to one party losing a presidential election,” said Schmitt.

Eric Schmitt is Missouri’s 43rd Attorney General.  A lifelong, sixth-generation Missourian, Eric is driven by his constitutional conservative beliefs, which he applies every day as the lawyer for all six million Missourians.

For more information go to,, @Eric_Schmitt, and @TeamSchmittMO.