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Opinion: Florida Republicans show Missouri Republicans how it’s done on tort reform

Florida is showing us, once again, what leadership looks like. Just last week, Governor Ron DeSantis and the Republican legislature took on tort reform, something that is in our Missouri Republican Party Platform but is continually opposed by some of our own so-called Republicans.

Our platform states, “The Missouri Republican Party supports… Continued efforts to reduce costly frivolous lawsuits, which may result in killing jobs or harming the economy in other ways.”

Senate Bill 117 does just that. It would reduce our current statute of limitations, currently at 5 years, down to 3 or less, bringing us into line with the majority of our country. This would reduce some of our many costly frivolous lawsuits that plague our state and end up being an additional tax to taypayers.

Unfortunately, some of our Republican senators are fighting this policy every step of the way, working against our party platform, working against making Missouri more like Florida. Bill Eigel is leading the charge against this Republican policy, followed by Denny Hoskins, Mike Moon, Rick Brattin, Ben Brown, and Jill Carter.

Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature did what was best for their constituents. I’m asking our Missouri Legislature to do the same. Stay true to your Republican values and follow our party platform by voting yes on Senate Bill 117!