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Press Release: State Senator Holly Rehder Launches Campaign for Missouri Lieutenant Governor

Sikeston, Missouri – State Senator Holly Rehder, officially launches her campaign for Missouri Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday, July 11th “I am running for Missouri Lieutenant Governor because I want to better the lives of all Missourians by unabashedly protecting sacred Christian and Conservative values. In both the Missouri House of Representatives and State Senate, I have built a successful track record of strong and consistent leadership. I am not afraid to rock the boat for the sake of my constituents. I am proud of my history that is filled with championing reforms and legislation that improves the lives of ALL Missourians – not just the chosen few,” said Rehder.  From growing up on welfare, food stamps, and Greyhound buses, to becoming a successful businesswoman, public servant and published author, Rehder’s personal story is a testament to her ability to fight, persevere and thrive in situations most people would find impossible. At the young age of 16, Rehder was a high school dropout and supporting her first child and made the decision that her daughter would not grow up in the harsh poverty cycle of America as she had. Rehder chose to not accept her arduous circumstances and decided to fight her way out to a better life for her daughter. Rehder has used that same grit and determination to fight for her constituents and pass legislation to help all Missourians, especially those whose rights are under attack.  Rehder’s most recent bill, SB39, was signed into law a few weeks ago. The bill, also known as the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” ensures that female student athletes, kindergarten through the collegiate level, will have fair opportunities and competition. The law requires athletes to participate in male or female competitive sports based on their gender at birth. This bill is one of many that Rehder has either authored or supported, proving her to be a champion for protecting women and their rights.  “I don’t shy from hard work, and I won’t be outworked running for Lt. Governor. I will be the hardest working candidate in the race, just as I have been in my previous elections and working for my constituents. I am a proven fighter in all walks of life, and I stand firm in my Christian conservative beliefs and campaign promises,” said Rehder.