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OP-ED: Why I support Eric Greitens

By Jeff Layman

After the Tom Schweich tragedy my shock and sadness quickly turned to rage. I couldn’t believe the personal nature of the attacks against him. Tom was a good man and he was very serious about cleaning up corruption. His death is a tremendous loss to our state.

One month later Spence Jackson was gone. Another senseless tragedy. Spence and I were college buddies and I had gotten him his first interview in politics. I still can’t believe it. It’s tough to lose people close to you and especially so young.

After 25 years of volunteering in Republican politics I was DONE. I was sick of all the lies and nasty personal attacks and the career politicians never got anything done anyway.

A month later I got a call from Eric Greitens. I had seen his impressive resume so I agreed to meet with him. His accomplishments are too numerous to list but if you haven’t seen them you should check out his website It didn’t take long to realize he was different. He was a real leader. In fact he was the best candidate I had ever seen. He was serious about corruption and he wanted to turn the state around. With Missouri ranked 47th in Job Growth and 42nd to 50th in almost every economic category our state needed help. I believe it’s critical that a real leader, someone who actually gets things done is elected. I knew I had to do everything I could to help him get elected.

It didn’t take long for the nasty attacks against Eric to start. Team Brunner’s repeated lies about Eric’s military record over the past year were shocking to say the least. These attacks in my opinion were the lowest of the low. I believe every veteran should be celebrated especially a decorated combat veteran like Eric Greitens.

In the last few days of the Republican Primary even Chris Koster and the Democrat Governor’s Association have started attacking Eric via the Jobs and Opportunity DC PAC. The false mailers and attack ads are particularly nasty. They are attacking Eric and ONLY Eric.

Why is everyone attacking Eric Greitens? Because the career politician with 20 elections among them don’t want anything to change. They love Jeff City just the way it is. They are perfectly happy with the status quo.

The voters won’t be fooled this time.

Vote Eric Greitens on August 2nd.