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Fitzpatrick: Tax reform debate making it hard to estimate revenues

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick is gearing up for his second year as the House Budget chair, and following an impressive first session, the Republican lawmaker knows that the next fiscal year will be just as trying, if not more. Fun fact: House Budget Chair @FitzpatrickMO is #MizzouMade and, […]

Sen. Cunningham outlines Senate plan to restore in-home and nursing cuts

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Sen. Mike Cunningham, R-Rogersville, released the following statement today regarding his concerns on the detrimental effects cuts to in-home health care and nursing homes will have on Missouri’s most vulnerable citizens. “Several months ago I presented a plan to Senate leadership and my caucus, which outlined […]

MoDOT’s turnover rate hovering around 10 percent, but what does it mean for Missouri’s transportation system?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – “Work smarter, not harder.” Or at least that’s the message that the Missouri Department of Transportation is getting from the Show-Me State. For years now, MoDOT has been struggling to keep employees from leaving the ship, as employees have increasingly left the department to find better-paying […]

Leadership, Democrats call for special from Governor on in-home health care

Circuit breaker tax credit looks to be most likely solution to budget cuts JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Recent news about budget cuts affecting disabled Missourians has thrown into question whether the Missouri legislature will be returning for another special session this year. Republican House leaders on Friday announced that, according […]

Commissioners say Missouri is falling behind in reimbursing counties for jail per diems

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s prisons have been a focus over the past year, as lawmakers expressed their concerns about the rising cost of legal settlements coming from the Missouri Department of Corrections. The Department has been making an effort to change the culture under the leadership of its new […]

Capitol security measures and Governor’s PDMP called into question in House Budget Committee

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – It’s no secret that the Missouri Senate has had their issues with the Greitens administration in the Governor’s first year, but it now seems that the executive branch’s relationship with the House is now truly being tested. Members of the House Budget Committee bristled during a […]

Republican leadership to look for alternative solution for in-home care cuts

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As Missouri lawmakers returned for the annual veto session at the State Capitol, with many hoping to answer the question of what lawmakers could or should do about the budget cuts affecting in-home and nursing care for an estimated 8,000 senior citizens, disabled, and veterans. While the […]

College sports taking hits as State tightens belt

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – It seems that the cuts to higher education have found their first real victims – in the athletic departments. Back in late June, Gov. Eric Greitens withheld $251 million in spending to make Missouri’s budget work, including $36 million in higher education funding. One of the first […]

Questions about Capitol security continue to plague legislators’ minds

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – For those wondering, it seems that the metal detectors in the Missouri State Capitol are there to stay, for at least this fiscal year. The security measures, which require visitors and their possessions to pass through metal detectors and X-ray machines, were first installed in January. […]