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Moniteau County Prosecutor Derik Kinde announces campaign

Prosecuting Attorney and Captain in the Missouri National Guard, Derik Kinde, has announced his candidacy to be Prosecuting Attorney for Moniteau County. The Prosecuting Attorney is responsible for leading the county’s prosecutor’s office and prosecuting criminal cases. 

“In my time as Moniteau County Prosecutor, I’ve come to learn the importance of effective leadership,” said Derik. “The prosecutor has an enormous responsibility in enforcing the law and making sure criminals get taken off the streets. I’ve forged a tremendous working relationship with dozens of law enforcement agencies throughout my career and handled hundreds of cases from across the state. I know what it takes to lead and manage the Prosecutor’s Office and will uphold law and order for Moniteau County while ensuring each person prosecuted by my office is afforded all the rights and processes guaranteed by the Missouri and United States Constitutions.”

The Moniteau County Prosecutor’s Office has seen significant turnover in recent years, with Kinde being the fifth prosecutor in Moniteau County within just five years. “The prosecutor’s office is tough on crime and we are now moving forward. The consistency we now have has helped tremendously. I am committed to continuing to focus on doing my job for the long term.” 

A lifelong Missourian, Derik attended High School in Sedalia and obtained his B. S. in Social Studies Education from the University of Central Missouri. He obtained his J. D. from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln School of Law. In the past, he has served as an assistant prosecutor for Miller, Morgan, and Camden Counties, and he is a former city prosecutor. In November 2021, Derik was appointed Prosecuting Attorney for Moniteau County by the Presiding Judge of the 26th Judicial Circuit.

In addition to his prosecutorial duties, Derik also holds the rank of Captain as a Judge Advocate in the Missouri National Guard. He is also a member of the Lions Club.

“It is an honor to serve my state in any capacity,” said Derik. “I have always believed in serving my community and neighbors. From my experience as a prosecutor and a Judge Advocate, I can pledge to the people of Moniteau County that I am ready for the job on day one. My entire career has focused on prosecuting criminals and enforcing the law. More importantly, I know the value of servant leadership and of putting the needs of the community first.”

Derik and his wife, Taylor, have two children: Cora (4) and Remy D. Kinde (1). The family attends Fortuna Baptist Church.

Derik has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.