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Ryan Derks to challenge longtime incumbent for Kansas City-based congressional district


Investment manager and lifelong Kansas City native Ryan Derks has announced his candidacy to challenge and replace long-time incumbent Emanuel Cleaver to represent Missouri’s 5th Congressional District, comprised of the communities of Kansas City, Independence, Raytown, Lees Summit, and Blue Springs, as well as Jackson, Lafayette, Saline, and Ray Counties.

“I am running because I believe in our constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For 15 years, career-politicians like Emanuel Cleaver have been contributing to the swamp that is Washington and skyrocketing the debt crisis while stripping Missourians of their rights. Politicians like Congressman Cleaver advocate for socialism while failing to address the issues affecting our communities. I am heading to Washington to fight for our freedoms, to restore power to the people, and to drain the Washington Swamp to restore some commonsense to the office.”

Ryan is a born and raised Missourian, growing up in Lee’s Summit to parents who were born and raised in Independence. He graduated from Mizzou in 2010 with a degree in finance. For the past 10 years, Ryan has served as an investment manager with Ravenna Capital. In his role, he helps clients build wealth by strategically buying ownership in public companies, helping people across the state and country to secure their futures.

“When I look around at my community, my home, I see both challenges and opportunities,” said Ryan. “The people here are courageous, productive, and determined. But what I see are the challenges growing while the opportunities are wasted, as Congressman Cleaver takes the support of constituents for granted and refuses to take the steps necessary to help the folks back home. I am running to change that.”

Ryan has been active in Missouri politics throughout his life, advocating for liberty and supporting candidates that pledge to defend American freedom. “While I volunteered and campaigned for candidates, I thought I could help move our country forward; I never before thought about running,” said Ryan. “But seeing the need for quality representation in my community, I decided now is the time to push back against Washington and take a stand for the people.” Ryan is using his accumulated skills and experiences to begin a grassroots pushback against an establishment politician.

“I am greatly concerned about the size and scope of government,” said Ryan. “Congress has continued to delegate their authority to unelected, and often unvetted, bureaucrats. I am sick of this administrative state stepping on our state and local sovereignty. I want to fight for policies that protect our cherished freedoms. As Representative for the people, I will champion all of our rights.”

Ryan further elaborated on his philosophy on freedom, “I will pursue concrete, practical ways to return liberty back to the individual and sovereignty back to the states. I will push for responsible fiscal policies. We need to reign in out-of-control spending and endless debt. At the same time, we need to advocate for a responsible, balanced budget so that we can stop borrowing against our future and return more Americans’ taxpayer dollars back to them. A safe, well-educated, and prosperous Kansas City is possible through commitment to individual liberty, economic freedom, and personal responsibility.”

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