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Dottie Bailey not seeking re-election to House seat

Rep. Dottie Bailey, who has represented HD 110 in Franklin and St. Louis counties since 2019, will not seek re-election to her seat, she announced Monday. 

The Republican representative instead said she is endorsing Holly Jones to take over the seat. 

Bailey said she is moving out of her district to pursue “an exciting new career as my term ends.” Prior to her time in the legislature, Bailey worked in the banking industry as an accounts manager and loan buyer and was also involved in grassroots lobbying. She told The Missouri Times she’d be returning to sales work.

“I have greatly enjoyed serving the wonderful people of Missouri. As promised, I have maintained my staunchly conservative ideals fighting attempts to advance socialist-style policies, gun controls, and totalitarian moves under the guise of health policy,” Bailey said in a Facebook post. 

In the House, Bailey serves as the vice-chairman of the Children and Families Committee as well as the vice-chairman of the Special Committee on Public Policy. 

“I am leaving happy with what I accomplished with unbowed conservative principles and an unmasked smile,” Bailey said.