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Local veteran enters race for HD 1 seat

Missouri National Guard veteran Alan Bennett has announced his candidacy for outgoing Rep. Allen Andrews’s statehouse seat in Missouri’s 1st District. With Andrews terming out, and the approved redistricting plan, the 2022 ballot will feature an open house seat in the district for the first time in eight years. The district lines were recently changed moving Worth County to the 2nd District.  The 1st District added Gentry County.  Bennett is running as a Republican.

“Those who know me best know that I am firm on three basic tenets of life: faith in God, love of family and defense of freedom,” Bennett said.  “These are the cornerstones that have made this country great.  But day by day, year by year, I see these three tenets eroding, and that is why I have decided to run. This election we need to fill the statehouse with conservative, Christian, common-sense Republicans who are not afraid to say no to the liberal agenda being forced upon us.”

During a 31-year career in the U.S. Army and Missouri Army National Guard, Bennett served multiple combat and non-combat tours across the United States and the world, including his most recent deployment to Afghanistan. He earned several honors including the Meritorious Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal. Bennett served his first enlisted tour as a military policeman, and subsequent tours as a field artillery officer in the 129th Field Artillery in Maryville and Albany, and later as a logistics officer. Since his retirement from the military in 2016, he has served as a fulltime substitute teacher and a technician for the Social Security Administration. Today, Bennett serves as a construction technician with the Missouri Department of Transportation where he inspects construction of roads and bridges in the district.

“I am committed to a life of service,” Bennett said. “I answered that call my entire adult life, and I have more years to serve the people of the state of Missouri.  There is no greater calling than to serve others and help your fellow man. I also believe in personal responsibility and accountability.  Government is not the answer to all our problems.  Our brilliant founders recognized a God-given right and ability in each of us to live up to our full potential, and complaining about bad decisions won’t fix them; electing better leaders will. That’s why I am running for state representative.”

When it comes to policy priorities, Bennett checks all the conservative boxes: pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-law enforcement. He pays special attention to issues concerning veterans and first responders. He also aligns himself with Republicans pushing accountability on the Biden Administration importing illegals into our communities.

“I am a veteran, so issues surrounding those men and women who serve our country are close to my heart,” Bennett said. “I talk regularly with veterans who have suffered with the mental and physical injuries suffered as a result of their service and I want to help ensure that we have adequate support in place for those who spend their lives defending our great state and country.”

Alan and his wife, Debbie, have lived on a small acreage in Nodaway County for 23 years, where they raised two daughters, Savannah and Brooklynn. They attend Barnard Christian Church where Alan is an elder, and Debbie is the secretary for the church board. Their favorite pastime is traveling and spending time on Missouri’s rivers kayaking with their children, family and friends.

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