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Press Release: Reggie St. John secures local firefighter endorsement in Excelsior Springs race

Retired project manager Reggie St. John has received an endorsement from Local Firefighters Union 42 in his bid for City Council of Excelsior Springs, Missouri. The April 4th election is an open race with the top two candidates winning seats on the council. Reggie St. John joins a fray of other candidates seeking voter approval, and securing the firefighters’ support highlights the trust he’s earned from core community service groups.

“I’m not a politician and I don’t have the interest or means to try to buy this election,” stated St. John. “Instead, my strategy is to meet with voters directly and listen to their concerns and ideas. I believe that to really be a voice for Excelsior Springs residents, I need to understand what issues are important to them—and that only happens when you go out and talk with people. I look forward to meeting the people in our community I don’t already know and bringing people together to problem solve. That’s what my campaign is all about: working together and finding commonsense solutions. I’m honored that the firefighters are supporting my candidacy and want to help ensure our city remains safe and prosperous.”

Reggie St. John has been an Excelsior Springs citizen for his entire life. He recently retired from serving as a project manager with BlueScope Construction and has dedicated his newfound freetime to community service.

“I’ve grown up here, met my wife here, started a family here, and built my career here. Excelsior Springs is an inherent part of my life story, and I want to continue to give back to this community that has given me so much over the years. Now that I’m retired, I have the time to dedicate to more public service as a member of the city council.”

But running for office is hardly the beginning of Reggie’s service record; Reggie is the Vice President of the Parks and Recreation Board and is an active member of the Hall of Waters Steering Committee and the Thrive Excelsior Engagement Task Force and Steering Team. Additionally, he serves as an elder at his church and previously volunteered on the Historic Preservation Commission. Now, Reggie wants to bring these experiences to the city council to improve civil services.

“My goal as a member of the council is to ensure fiscal responsibility while keeping taxation low for residents. There are responsible ways to improve our infrastructure and address the food and health discrepancies across the city while still balancing the city budget. Likewise, I will continue to promote public safety in our streets and neighborhoods.”

To submit inquiries or get involved with the campaign, email