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Republicans select Sean Pouche for ballot to replace Rep. Vic Allred


U.S. Navy veteran, father, and local family business member Sean Pouche has been nominated by the Platte County Republican Committee to replace Rep. Vic Allred for the November General Election.

On endorsing Sean for his seat, Representative Vic Allred stated, “The distractions caused by COVID-19 requires me to devote more time to my business obligations, but I couldn’t be more pleased to have an American patriot like Sean Pouche step up to replace me and serve the people of the district in Jefferson City. When our country needed him, Sean was there to answer the call. Now, when Platte County needs him, he is willing to step forward again.” 

Sean grew up in Platte County; he attended St. Therese Catholic School and graduated from Rockhurst H.S. with honors.  He was appointed to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy where he was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves. In 2010, as Lt. Commander in the Naval Reserves, Sean was activated to serve in Iraq. While in Iraq, he served as an advisor to senior U.S. Army and Navy commanders along with other participating NATO countries, and the Iraq Navy Command in Baghdad.  For his service, he was promoted to Commander and awarded the Distinguished Meritorious Service Award.  

“I am proud of my military service to my country, and for serving the cause of freedom around the globe,” said Sean. “I now seek to defend freedom in our own background, to fight for the rights of Missourians and preserve our Constitution.”

Following his service, he returned home to help in the family business at Platte Rental & Supply. Working in small-business, Sean wants to see state government support small business growth and entrepreneurship. He is the father of two, Joclyn (13), and Will (12).

Sean is running on a platform of defending personal liberty, keeping government small, and protecting life and the Second Amendment. Sean has emphasized that he is running to support local law enforcement and stands against cries to “defund the police.”

In addition to having the support of Rep. Allred, Pouche is backed by Platte County Sheriff Mark Owen, who said, “I endorse Sean Pouche for State Representative of the 13th District.”  Sheriff Owen added, “Now more than ever, we need state lawmakers who know the importance of keeping our communities safe from crime and to push back against this defund law enforcement nonsense. I support Sean Pouche.”