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Steele Shippy returns to Victory Enterprises as senior campaign consultant 

With a decade of experience in campaigns and policy to his name, Steele Shippy is returning to Victory Enterprises as a senior campaign consultant. 

Shippy most recently served as chief of staff for Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz and previously worked as campaign manager for Gov. Mike Parson after working as the chief executive’s communications director. Shippy’s resume also includes leading Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s 2016 campaign and working with 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee. 

“I’ve been fortunate to work and serve in numerous areas of our political process,” Shippy said. “It’s been an honor to not only work on local, state, congressional, and presidential campaigns but also serve in leadership positions for officeholders in Missouri’s legislative and executive branches.”

Shippy also has experience with grassroots groups and ballot initiatives, having worked on Missouri’s Voter ID and Right to Farm constitutional amendments. Shippy said he was bringing strategies learned from campaigns on all scales to his position.

“Campaigning is like building a rocket ship mid-flight,” Shippy said. “And while every team wants to win, only one does. The path to victory takes leadership, hard work, skill, and perhaps even a little bit of old-fashioned luck. But during my career, I’ve developed and executed winning campaign strategies, helped candidates and officeholders communicate effectively, and learned to implement the best lesson of all — to always expect the unexpected.”

Shippy previously worked with Victory Enterprises from 2012 to 2014 and again in 2016. CEO Brian Dumas said he was excited to have him back on the team. 

Shippy is a lifelong Missourian from Odessa and graduated from the University of Missouri. He lives in St. Louis with his family. 

Victory Enterprises is a firm working with campaigns across the country. It offers campaign management, media services, and opinion research services to its clients.