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Sen. Roberts to challenge Congresswoman Bush

After weeks of speculation, today Sen. Steve Roberts filed for re-election to challenge incumbent Congresswoman Cori Bush in Missouri’s newly drawn 1st congressional district.

Roberts is a captain in the Air National Guard, former chair of the Black Caucus in the Missouri House, and a St. Louis attorney. He played a pivotal role in the new district’s formation and believes that the changes provide him with an opportunity to unseat the first-term incumbent.

Last year Roberts became the youngest African American to serve in the state senate.

“Over the past several months I’ve had numerous people encouraging me to run,” said Roberts. “We all had the highest hopes for Congresswoman Bush but she’s shown over the past year and a half that she’s not interested in the job of United States Representative. We don’t have time for slogans; I’m ready to get to work, bring people together, and deliver results for the families of the 1st district.”

“Voting NO on so many issues that affect families in the 1st district like fixing our roads and bridges, clean air, clean water, support for Ukraine during a time of war, and Capitol security after January 6 — for nothing more than political theater — clearly shows the congresswoman is only concerned about Twitter likes and seeking the celebrity status,” spokesperson Ryan Hawkins said.

The official launch of the campaign will have to wait a week as the state Senate is in session through Thursday and Roberts is on military orders April 1-3. The campaign will officially launch on April 4.