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Capitol Briefs: Bill allowing concealed carry on public transit perfected by House

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A bill that would allow Missourians to carry concealed firearms on public transit was perfected in the lower chamber Wednesday.

Rep. Adam Schnelting’s HB 52 would allow concealed carry on publicly funded transportation for those with appropriate permits. Those without a permit would still be allowed to transport firearms in a “non-functioning state” by bus as long as ammunition is not readily available. Schnelting’s bill would not extend to Amtrak operations or bi-state transit.

“The thing about this bill is, in my estimation, violence does not discriminate,” he said. “I believe this legislation will discourage criminal activity on our public transportation systems, but more importantly I believe that it is necessary that we provide our citizens, our taxpayers, the ability for self-defense.”

  • Rep. Peter Merideth spoke against the bill on the floor, noting his appreciation of the permit requirement but citing feedback from his constituents that “the vast majority of people that use public transit don’t want more guns on transit.”
  • Rep. Shane Roden supported the bill on the floor, voicing his concerns over questioning by law enforcement.
  • No amendments were offered on the bill.