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Steele Shippy talks 2020 gubernatorial race


Gov. Mike Parson is focused on the issues affecting everyday Missourians, Steele Shippy said on “This Week in Missouri Politics.” 

“You are going to see the governor travel the state and champion issues that matter to the voters. He is going to keep working hard to address the real issues of everyday Missourians,” Shippy said. “And I don’t think that the message the Missouri Democratic Party has is going to accomplish that.”

“The governor is going to run on a case that he is going to deliver, someone who makes promises, and he is keeping the promises. Much like President [Donald Trump],” he added.

Having previously served as communications director for the Governor’s Office, Shippy transitioned to head Parson’s election campaign in August. 

At the beginning of September, Parson officially launched his bid for a full term as Missouri’s chief executive. 

“It is exciting when Missourians show up. We had a campaign event in Bolivar; 1,300 people showed up. It was exciting. There was a lot of energy in the room and people from all across the state,” Shippy said. “The governor pitched his mission, his vision to the voters.”

“It was arguably one of the best statewide candidate rollouts in recent history for an election,” he continued. “The numbers we were able to report are the largest in a nonelection year for a gubernatorial candidate. It just shows, we believe, that this is a campaign funded by Missourians, working for Missouri.”

The 2020 gubernatorial race was also a topic of discussion for the panel, comprised of consultant David Barklage and state Reps. Tracy McCreery and David Gregory. 

While Parson put up huge fundraising figures — though reports for the quarter are not due until Oct. 15 — McCreery pointed out Democratic candidate Nicole Galloway has momentum, too.

“She raised over $1 million in this last quarter. And I think that really shows that she has the support of average everyday working families,” the Democratic lawmaker from St. Louis County said. “For a lot of Democratic candidates, we don’t always have to have the most money to win but we have to have enough money to win. Auditor Galloway will have enough money to win the governor’s race.”

Tune in for the full show for a more in-depth analysis of the race and the role national politics will play in Missouri’s elections. Attorney General Eric Schmitt also joined the show again this week for more Cardinals postseason coverage.