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Cierpiot announces his run for Senate


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – On Sunday, House Majority Floor Leader Mike Cierpiot appeared on This Week Missouri Politics’ June 4 episode to make a special announcement in regards to the future of his career. Cierpiot revealed that he has decided to run for Senate in the 8th District, which represents part of Jackson County.

Throughout his time on the show, Cierpiot spoke on a range of topics that pertained to him and his future campaign. Beginning with the 8th District itself, Cierpiot detailed the areas that are within its limits, including most of Blue Springs, Green Valley and the majority of the southeast corner of Jackson County.

When asked why he would want to run for Senate after his years in the House, Cierpiot responded by explaining his history in Missouri politics and how that influenced his belief in continuing the tradition of conservative values in the Senate.

“There’s a steep learning curve in Jefferson City,” Cierpiot said. “I was amazed when I first got there and it’s been a long term project. I know a lot more than I used to know, and I think my philosophy reflects the conservative nature of that district, much like Sen. [Will] Kraus does today. I’d like to continue that.”

Cierpiot plans on advancing conservative measures that already have a history of support from previous Missouri senators, such as gun rights and the protection of the Second Amendment.

Transitioning from his campaign to his work in Missouri government, Cierpiot voiced his opinion on the previous special session referring to the Ford Claycomo plant and how it will affect jobs within Kansas City as well as Ameren customers.

Preparing for a second special session, this time to address the topic of abortion, Cierpiot talked about the conflict between St. Louis and the state as the city’s actions counteract state law on abortion providers, making abortion more easily accessible inside the city.

“The conflict we have down there, often, is local control,” Cierpiot said. “But in some areas, we think it’s important enough for the state to step in.”

After expressing his positive feelings towards Gov. Eric Greitens and his leadership, the conversation came to a close with Cierpiot stating that he doesn’t expect the Republican Party to clear the primary for him considering its open Senate seat that anyone is capable of picking up in the near future. It’s a position that he plans on working for himself.