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Mazzie Boyd to face establishment candidate Rep. Randy Railsback in North Central Missouri 

Former Trump White House aide Mazzie Boyd has announced her candidacy for a Missouri House seat in North Central Missouri with the support of former State Representative Casey Guernsey. Boyd, a rising star in Republican politics with deep-rooted ties to North Central Missouri, hopes to infuse the legislature with youthful energy as well as pragmatic governmental expertise.

“I have had the honor of representing this district and having gotten to know Mazzie, I can say this: she is the real deal and I’m very excited for this campaign,” said Guernsey. I know Mazzie is the best choice for the people of Caldwell, Daviess, Grundy, Harrison, and Worth Counties.”

“In this climate, we need someone who won’t compromise on rural issues for the sake of special interests. Mazzie is tough and won’t buckle to pressure from Jefferson City.”

As a state representative, Boyd will support legislation offering support for cattle farmers, protections for the unborn, fully funding law enforcement, fighting Critical Race Theory in schools, and opposing any efforts to limit First and Second Amendment rights. As a firsthand witness to the excesses of federal government spending, she will fight to reign in wasteful spending in Jefferson City and return local control to Missouri communities.

“We all know how swampy D.C. and Jefferson City have become over the years. Unelected bureaucrats have way too much control over our state and local governments. They pick favorites and play political games instead of serving the constituents of Missouri,” Boyd said. “It’s time we start electing people who are not afraid to stand up. The only way to continue President Trump’s America First agenda is to start putting our local government first. I’m making it my mission to return power back to the people and hold the federal and state government accountable as our checks and balances were originally designed to do. Right now, our farmers need a fighter in Jefferson City and I’m ready to do just that.”

“Boyd is a native of North Central Missouri and a graduate of Missouri Western State University. Mazzie is a Southern Baptist and enjoys spending time with family when not on the campaign trail.

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