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Schroer launches state Senate campaign

Republican Rep. Nick Schroer announced his candidacy for a St. Charles County Senate seat Wednesday. 

Schroer said he would run for what is now the SD 2 seat. Sen. Bob Onder, a member of the Conservative Caucus, is terming out. 

“I am a proud conservative, and I believe this district needs a state senator who will stand up and fight for our values, our fundamental rights, and commonsense conservative solutions to the issues facing our state,” Schroer said in a statement. “We have Republican supermajorities in both the House and Senate, and we have to start using them to rein in out-of-control government, stand up for law and order, and ensure our state’s continued prosperity.” 

An attorney, Schroer has represented HD 107 in St. Charles County since 2017. He is the chairman of the Special Committee on Small Business and sits on the Judiciary, Public Safety, and General Laws committees. 

Schroer championed HB 126 — the sweeping abortion ban legislation — in 2019. The bill sought to ban abortions after eight weeks and has been held up in court

“The stakes in this election are high,” Schroer said. “Liberals in Washington, D.C., want to bring our nation to its kneeds by defunding the police, undermining our Second Amendment rights, moving our nation closer to socialism, and teaching children in our public schools that America is racist and flawed. In the Missouri Senate, I will fight against this radicalism and be a tireless voice for conservative values.”