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Dan Moran announces his candidacy for state representative

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Dan Moran, a Pike county resident, has recently announced his candidacy for State Representative in the August primary for the 40th district. This district, which was newly redrawn, consist of Pike and parts of Lincoln County.

Moran was born and raised in Missouri, and grew up on the family farm. He went to work at the family business, Brooks Brothers Trailers, after graduating high school in 2012. He has worked there alongside his father ever since. Raising cattle on the family farm and working in the family business has given Moran a clear understanding of the issues facing family farms and business owners.

Dan married his wife Sarah in 2015, and now have a six year old daughter and three year old son, who all live on their 80 acre farm in Pike County. Dan is passionate about politics and living his life out for God, and wishes to make this state and country a better place all for the glory of God.

Dan wants to follow in the footsteps of states like Florida that have done things like ban Critical
Race Theory in K-12 education, ban ballot harvesting and unsolicited mail in ballots, ban
vaccine mandates, protect women’s sports, ban sexual orientation and gender identity teaching
in Kindergarten through third grade, and stand up to Big Tech censorship. He believes that it is time for Missouri to follow Florida’s example, and start acting on conservative principles rather than merely talking about them.

Moran claims he will always fight for conservative principles and promote freedom over tyranny. He is unapologetically pro-life and believes that life begins at conception. He believes that our right to keep and bear arms is the ultimate guarantee that we remain a free people.

Overall, Moran believes that great people make great companies, good people make good communities, and good legislators create an environment conducive to both. He says that he will never shy away from doing what is right, and believes that we need more politicians that will put the good of their country ahead of their own personal interest.

For more information on Dan Moran you can visit his social media, here.