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Michelle Horner launches bid for Missouri Legislature

Michelle Horner, a former insurance agent, has launched a campaign for state representative in northwest Missouri

Horner is vying for what is now HD 2, a seat held by Rep. J. Eggleston who is running for state Senate. The district includes Daviess, DeKalb, Gentry, and Harrison counties. 

“As a committed conservative, strong-willed woman, I want to protect all of the values and freedoms that make northwest Missouri great,” Horner said in a statement. “The families and businesses in this area deserve the wisdom and experience I can bring to this office and not a cookie-cutter, establishment-biased representative. That’s certainly not me in the slightest.” 

“I am a ‘momma bear’ willing to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done to protect the hard-earned livelihood of the people in northwest Missouri,” Horner, a mother of five, said. 

Horner lives on a small farm in King City with her husband and children. She’s been active in Republican campaigns in Missouri and said she is focused on fiscal policies such as spending and taxes. Additionally, Horner said she would advocate for pro-life and pro-gun policies as well as election integrity and farming issues. 

“If we have to legislate to protect Missourians from non-elected bureaucratic power grabs, so be it,” Horner said. “During the Cold War, Ronald Reagan said that we were only one generation from losing our grand republic. I fear that’s exactly where we are now.”

In announcing her candidacy, Horner also touted an endorsement from Rep. Jeff Coleman in Jackson County. 

“As a sitting Missouri state representative, I don’t normally endorse candidates, but I will endorse one — Michelle Horner. Michelle is a fighter with strong, conservative opinions and the willpower to go against the liberal left that is destroying the [country],” Coleman said. 

Former White House aide Mazzie Boyd is also running for the Republican nomination for the seat. She served as a war room analyst on former President Donald Trump’s election campaign after interning in Senator Roy Blunt’s office.