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Capitol Briefs: St. Louis launches EV shuttle program for seniors

St. Louis seniors can now schedule rides in electric vehicles (EVs) through a new service launched by the city this week. 

The St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors (SiLVERS) program provides EV shuttles to the Northside Youth and Senior Service Center and City Seniors, Inc. St. Louis residents who are at least 60 years old can make appointments for rides to social activities, doctors appointments, and other excursions beginning this week. 

The move is the city’s latest investment in reducing emissions, according to City Sustainability Director Catherine Werner.

“Vehicle emissions are problematic for people’s health and also contribute to the problem of climate change, and the city has launched a robust suite of vehicle electrification projects,” Werner said. “In addition to resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, electric vehicles emit fewer pollutants that contribute to poor air quality.”

  • St. Louis was one of 25 cities that won the American Cities Climate Challenge which provides technical and strategic support actions lowering carbon emissions from buildings and transportation. The program was implemented by advocacy group Forth.
  • Other sponsors include Ameren Missouri and the St. Louis Regional Clean Cities Coalition. 
  • Electric vehicles are becoming more prominent in communities across Missouri: Kansas City is investing in its zero-emission fleet and the state’s first electric school bus active in Knox County.  
  • Several Missouri utilities, led by Ameren, are working with other Midwest energy providers to construct an EV charging network stretching from Wisconsin to Texas.

Cover image from Forth