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Capitol Briefs: Parson opposes efforts to pack US Supreme Court

Gov. Mike Parson joined a coalition of Republican governors opposing any effort by the Biden administration to “pack” the U.S. Supreme Court

Parson and 19 other governors sent a letter to President Joe Biden, pointing to an executive order signed in April that formed a Presidential Commission of the Supreme Court to consider reforms. The group argued past decisions and the court’s composition should not lead to “radical change” for the high court.  

“We urge you to withdraw this proposal from consideration. Legal scholars from across the country and on both sides of the political aisle agree that court-packing will breed perpetual court-packing — it will never be enough. Each partisan shift will result in seats added to the court until the court has lost not only its independence but its authority. The end result of court-packing would lead to inconsistent rulings that undermine the legitimacy of the court and fail to guide our nation and serve our states,” the letter said.

  • The letter argued change from a 150-year precedent would be “unpredictable” and possibly open the court to political pressure and attempts to levy power. 
  • Other governors signing on to the letter included Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt.
  • Attorney General Eric Schmitt also joined a nationwide coalition opposing the order, claiming it would “undermine the independence and impartiality of the nation’s highest court and sour public confidence in our judicial system.”