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Mayor Talt Holman to run for re-election in Macon

Incumbent James (Talt) Holman has announced his candidacy to remain the mayor of Macon, Missouri. He will appear on the April 5th ballot. He is running on his record of accomplishments during his first term in office.

“We’ve accomplished a lot during these last four years,” stated Holman, “and Macon deserves local leaders who are equipped to address its continuing needs. I’ve worked hard to increase government transparency and accessibility. Despite the challenges of these past two years, we’ve seen property values in Macon continue to rise. I want to keep us on this path to success.”

Holman is a small business owner and member of the local Chamber of Commerce. With this background he brings a firsthand understanding of the city’s economic situation and vows to be a champion for family businesses. By passing the local use tax, Holman has helped elevate small businesses to be on the same level as large out-of-state corporations like Amazon. 

“I know that many businesses are struggling—I know exactly what that feels like. There’s no way we could have anticipated the events of 2020. However, I will do everything in my power to ensure our local employers and their hardworking employees are supported. That means quality infrastructure and technology upgrades for our city. It means ensuring our city remains safe and that online corporations pay their fair share of local taxes. It means encouraging people to shop local and get to stores on good streets. Macon is a community that sticks together and I have no doubt we’ll get through this stronger than before.”

As Mayor, Holman has worked to reduce the cost to city government so more funds can be invested in public safety. He is 100% pro-law enforcement and will always “back the blue.” He continues to advocate for a fiscally responsible approach to funding the municipal pool and park project.

“The public pool project remains a priority and will be completed during my next term. I have been adamant in making sure everything is done right and responsibly with taxpayer dollars. We are stockpiling funds for the pool in a way to meet the community needs while honoring taxpayers when it comes to interest and maintenance costs. I believe government should be treated like a business and run as efficiently as possible on a limited budget. That’s what I’ve successfully done for four years as mayor, and that’s what I’ll continue to do if the people continue to invest their trust in me for four more years.”

To learn more about Talt Holman’s campaign, visit

Holman has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.